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Topological Hochschild (resp. topological cyclic) homology is a refinement of Hochschild homology/cyclic homology from commutative rings/algebras to the higher algebra of ring spectra/E-∞ rings/E-∞ algebras. A good survey is in (May).

In particular, given a ring RR, then there is a natural morphism of spectra

TC(R) K(R) THH(R) \array{ && \mathbf{TC}(R) \\ & \nearrow & \downarrow \\ \mathbf{K}(R) &\longrightarrow& \mathbf{THH}(R) }

from the algebraic K-theory spectrum to the topological Hochschild homology spectrum and factoring through the topological cyclic homology spectrum called the cyclotomic trace which much like a Chern character map for algebraic K-theory.


The originalreferences

and a further generalization is defined in

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Review and exposition includes

These theories are the target for the trace map from KK-theory, so they can be viewed as an approximation to algebraic K-theory of a ring spectrum.

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