David Corfield
continuous logic, probability, quantum

  • Successive enrichment + symmetrisation from different quantales.

  • [0,][0, \infty] as metric space

  • Three quantales on [0,1][0, 1] (pair). One from reflection, one from mapping exp(-p).

  • Partial entailment, etc. Is there anything like the triangle inequality for this?

  • What does continuous logic do beyond other [0,1][0,1] logics? All continuous connectives.

  • Continuous logic for SymMet. Nice category. Is this why Cho finds a continuous subobject classifier?

  • If (co)completeness of metric space brings in monoidal mutliplication and actions, what of space of models? What is a locally finitely presented metric space? Is it that a Lewisian metric space of worlds appears?

  • Dubois and Prade, possibility logic.

  • Counterfactuals, like predictions. Metric space for Lewis. Counterfactual probability, Had you taken an aspirin, there’s a 60% chance…

  • Dependency: Had jack fallen down, Jill would have come tumbling after. Had I bought a goldfish, there’s a 50% chance I would have killed it by now.

  • Duality theorems for various doctrines.

  • What happens when Bohrification meets linear DTT? Discussion

  • What would it be to ‘sugar’ linear DTT?

  • D( x:AB(x))D(\sum_{x:A}B(x)) and x:AD(B(x))\prod_{x:A}D(B(x)), disintegration discussion.

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