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  • Homotopy type theory and the vertical unity of concepts in mathematics, forthcoming.
  • Reviving the philosophy of geometry, (link)
  • Expressing ‘The Structure of’ in Homotopy Type Theory, pdf
  • Duality as a category-theoretic concept, (link)
  • Lautman and the Reality of Mathematics, (pdf)
  • Understanding the Infinite I: Niceness, Robustness, and Realism (link)
  • Understanding the infinite II: Coalgebra (link)
  • Narrative and the Rationality of Mathematical Practice, preprint
  • Projection and Projectability (link)
  • Some Implications of the Adoption of Category Theory for Philosophy, doc
  • Categorification as a Heuristic Device, doc
  • Mathematical Kinds, or Being Kind to Mathematics, pdf

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