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Articles and preprints

  • Homotopy type theory and the vertical unity of concepts in mathematics, in What is a Mathematical Concept?, CUP, 2017 .
  • Reviving the philosophy of geometry, (link) to appear in Categories for the Working Philosopher, OUP.
  • Expressing 'The Structure of' in Homotopy Type Theory
  • Duality as a category-theoretic concept, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Volume 59, August 2017, Pages 55-61, (link).
  • Narrative and the Rationality of Mathematical Practice
  • Lautman and the Reality of Mathematics, published in French as ‘Lautman et la réalité des mathématiques’, Philosophiques 37(1), 2010, 95-109.
  • Understanding the Infinite I: Niceness, Robustness, and Realism (link)
  • Understanding the infinite II: Coalgebra (link)
  • Falsificationism and statistical learning theory: Comparing the Popper and Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimensions, (with B Schölkopf, V Vapnik),Journal for General Philosophy of Science 40 (1), 51-58.
  • Varieties of justification in machine learning, Minds and Machines 20 (2), 291-301
  • Projection and Projectability (link)
  • Some Implications of the Adoption of Category Theory for Philosophy, doc
  • Categorification as a Heuristic Device, doc
  • Mathematical Kinds, or Being Kind to Mathematics, pdf
  • Argumentation and the mathematical process, in G. Kampis et al. (eds.) Appraising Lakatos, Kluwer, 2002, 115-138.
  • Smoke rings, history of knot theory


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