David Corfield hyperintensionality

Two-dimensional semantics

“Jane runs” appears on its own in an extensional position (as a whole sentence), in “Necessarily Jane runs” in an intensional position, and “John believes that Jane runs” in a hyperintensional position. (Nolan, Hyperintensional Metaphysics)

Two-dimensional semantics

Seems that we need a type of Individuals, II, for the indexical utterings, and a type of Worlds, WW, for variation. Or we might have a temporal logic.

But why not have WW depending on II, so that what’s necessary for one speaker is in terms of their worlds: i:IW(i):Worldi: I \vdash W(i): World. Maybe this arises with the theories as contexts idea. Then possible worlds are context extensions. Contexts indexed by i:Ii:I. There should be ways to translate between theories. Find a span,etc.

‘I have always X-ed’, uttered by a:Ia: I at t:Tt: T, has this dependent time in the sense that the start of the interval is i-dependent (or is it, from the start of the world,…?).

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