David Corfield intensional conjunction


Woods notes that many uses of ‘and’ rely on a conceptual connection.

were we to hear someone utter (viii), “I promised to go to the Hanson’s New Year’s party, and 2 is prime, and the butler did it, and goodness is a logical simple, and I’m going to faint”, we should be tempted to think him raving“ (p. 361)


there is an important use of ‘and’ – the listy use, which is deviant unless its listiness is made clear. (p. 361)

(But ‘List’ as a logical construct, an inductive type – logic-mathematics.)

What if the intensional conjunction ‘and’ is dependent sum (MHTT), and the further interpretation depends on the kind of types involved?

Listy ‘and’ is a,b,c,d:Aa, b, c, d: A, or [a,b,c,d]:List(A)[a,b,c,d]: List(A).


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