David Corfield
quantum anomalies



Is there way to phrase the Friedmannian demotion/promotion account for the new revolution?

We need something that was just ‘observed’ to become baked into the principles of the field.

Quantum anomalies then, here? Need to think about that obstruction/anomaly connection?

most quantum anomalies are the statement that what looks like an action function to feed into the path integral, is globally really the section of a non-trivial bundle – notably a Pfaffian line bundle resulting from the fermionic path integrals. Moreover all classical anomalies are statements of nontrivializability of certain fiber bundles. https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/77368/intuitively-why-are-bundles-so-important-in-physics/77412#77412

all global structure in field theory is controled by fiber bundles, and all the more the more the field theory is quantum and gauge. The only reason why this can be ignored to some extent is because field theory is a complex subject and maybe the majority of discussions about it concerns really only a small little perturbative local aspect of it. But this is not the reality. The QCD vacuum that we inhabit is filled with a sea of non-trivial bundles and the whole quantum structure of the laws of nature are bundle-theoretic at its very heart. https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/fiber+bundles+in+physics


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