David Corfield
type, object, monad, process




  • Simone Martini, Several Types of Types in Programming Languages, https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01399694

  • Simone Martini. Types in programming languages, between modelling, abstraction,and correctness. In Arnold Beckmann, Laurent Bienvenu, and Nataˇsa Jonoska,editors,CiE 2016, volume 9709 ofLNCS. Springer, 2016. (For, “The story of abstract data types, their relation to polymorphism, and how their parabola gives way to object oriented programming, is something to be told in a different paper”)



Variations: strong, applicative functors, idioms, parametric

Vs algebraic effects


[SIGCIS-Members] Invention of the concept of process

A general context for geometrical spaces and processes in these spaces is a cohesive (∞,1)-topos. higher category theory and physics

Why does cohesion allow for this?

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