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Albert Nijenhuis (November 21, 1926 – February 13, 2015) was a mathematician at the University of Pennsylvania.

He got his PhD degree in 1952 from the University of Amsterdam, advised by Jan Schouten.

He introduced the notion of a natural bundles and natural operation in differential geometry, which was subsequently developed by others.

Selected writings

On the Schouten-Nijenhuis bracket:

Introducing the notion of natural operations in differential geometry:

  • Albert Nijenhuis, Geometric aspects of formal differential operations on tensor fields, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians 1958, 463–469.

  • Albert Nijenhuis, Natural bundles and their general properties, in: Differential Geometry (in honor of Kentaro Yano), Kinokuniya, Tokyo, 1972, pp. 317–334.

Introducing the Frölicher-Nijenhuis bracket:

and its refinement for almost complex structures:

Giving an explicit formula for what came to be known as the Nijenhuis–Richardson bracket:

Beware that this other article has a similar title to Nijenhuis & Richardson 1964, but does not seem to mention the Nijenhuis–Richardson bracket:

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