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An Archimedean ordered field is an ordered field that satisfies the archimedean property.


The rational numbers are the initial ordered field, so for every ordered field FF there is a field homomorphism h:Fh:\mathbb{Q}\to F. FF is Archimedean if for all elements aFa\in F and bFb\in F, if a<ba \lt b, then there exists a rational number qq\in \mathbb{Q} such that a<h(q)a \lt h(q) and h(q)<bh(q) \lt b.


Every Archimedean ordered field is a dense linear order. This means that the Dedekind completion of every Archimedean ordered field is the field of real numbers.

Every Archimedean ordered field is a differentiable space:

Pointwise continuous functions

Let FF be an Archimedean ordered field. A function f:FFf:F \to F is continuous at a point cFc \in F if

isContinuousAt(f,c)ϵ(0,).xF.δ(0,).(|xc|<δ)(|f(x)f(c)|<ϵ)isContinuousAt(f, c) \coloneqq \forall \epsilon \in (0, \infty). \forall x \in F. \exists \delta \in (0, \infty). (\vert x - c \vert \lt \delta) \implies (\vert f(x) - f(c) \vert \lt \epsilon)

ff is pointwise continuous in FF if it is continuous at all points cc:

isPointwiseContinuous(f)cF.isContinuousAt(f,c)isPointwiseContinuous(f) \coloneqq \forall c \in F. isContinuousAt(f, c)

The set of all pointwise continuous functions is defined as

C 0(F){fFF|isPointwiseContinuous(f)}C^0(F) \coloneqq \{f \in F \to F \vert isPointwiseContinuous(f)\}

Pointwise differentiable functions

Let FF be an Archimedean ordered field. A function f:FFf:F \to F is differentiable at a point cFc \in F if

isDifferentiableAt(f,c)isContinuousAt(f,c)×LF.ϵ(0,).xF.δ(0,).h(δ,0)(0,δ).|f(c+h)f(c)hL|<ϵisDifferentiableAt(f, c) \coloneqq isContinuousAt(f, c) \times \exists L \in F. \forall \epsilon \in (0, \infty). \forall x \in F. \exists \delta \in (0, \infty). \forall h \in (-\delta, 0) \cup (0, \delta). \left| \frac{f(c + h) - f(c)}{h} - L \right| \lt \epsilon

ff is pointwise differentiable in FF if it is differentiable at all points cc:

isPointwiseDifferentiable(f)cF.isDifferentiableAt(f,c)isPointwiseDifferentiable(f) \coloneqq \forall c \in F. isDifferentiableAt(f, c)

The set of all pointwise differentiable functions is defined as

D 0(F){fFF|isPointwiseDifferentiable(f)}D^0(F) \coloneqq \{f \in F \to F \vert isPointwiseDifferentiable(f)\}


Archimedean ordered fields include

Non-Archimedean ordered fields include


The definition of the Archimedean property for an ordered field is given in section 4.3 of

  • Auke B. Booij, Analysis in univalent type theory (2020) [[etheses:10411, pdf]]

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