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The Beilinson-Drinfeld cup product is an explicit presentation of the cup product in ordinary differential cohomology (see also at cup product in differential cohomology) for the case that the latter is modeled by the Cech-Deligne cohomology. It sends (see cup product in abelian Cech cohomology)

:A[p] D B[q] D (A B)[p+q] D , \cup: A[p]^\infty_D\otimes B[q]^\infty_D\to (A\otimes_{\mathbb{Z}} B)[p+q]^\infty_D,

where AA and BB are lattices in n\mathbb{R}^n, and m\mathbb{R}^m for some nn and mm, respectively. It is a morphism of complexes, so it induces a cup product in Deligne cohomology.

For A=B=A=B=\mathbb{Z}, the Beilinson-Deligne cup product is associative and commutative up to homotopy, so it induces an associative and commutatvive cup product on differential cohomology


Let the Deligne complex B n(//) conn\mathbf{B}^n(\mathbb{R}//\mathbb{Z})_{conn} be given by

C (,) d dR d dR Ω n() degree: 0 1 (n+1) \array{ & \mathbb{Z} &\hookrightarrow& C^\infty(-,\mathbb{R}) &\stackrel{d_{dR}}{\to}& \cdots &\stackrel{d_{dR}}{\to}& \Omega^{n}(-) \\ \\ degree: & 0 && 1 && \cdots && (n+1) }

where we refer to degrees as indicated in the bottom row.


The Beilinson-Deligne product is the morphism of chain complexes of sheaves

:B p(//) connB q(//) connB p+q+1(//) conn \cup : \mathbf{B}^p (\mathbb{R}//\mathbb{Z})_{conn} \otimes \mathbf{B}^q (\mathbb{R}//\mathbb{Z})_{conn} \to \mathbf{B}^{p+q+1} (\mathbb{R}//\mathbb{Z})_{conn}

given on homogeneous elements α\alpha, β\beta as follows:

αβ:={αβ=αβ ifdeg(α)=0 αd dRβ ifdeg(α)>0anddeg(β)=q+1 0 otherwise. \alpha \cup \beta := \left\{ \array{ \alpha \wedge \beta = \alpha \beta & if\,deg(\alpha) = 0 \\ \alpha \wedge d_{dR}\beta & if\,deg(\alpha) \gt 0\,and\,deg(\beta) = q+1 \\ 0 & otherwise } \right. \,.


In higher Chern-Simons theory

The action functional of abelian higher dimensional Chern-Simons theory is given by the fiber integration in ordinary differential cohomology over the BD cup product of differential cocycles

S CS:H 2k+2(Σ) diffU(1) S_{CS} : H^{2k+2}(\Sigma)_diff \to U(1)
C^ ΣC^C^. \hat C \mapsto \int_\Sigma \hat C \cup \hat C \,.

For more on this see higher dimensional Chern-Simons theory.


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A survey is for instance around prop. 1.5.8 of

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For the cup product of Cheeger-Simons differential characters see also

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