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The Beilinson-Deligne cup product of two holomorphic functions f,gH 0(X,𝔾 m)f,g \in H^0(X,\mathbb{G}_m) is a holomorphic line bundle with connection, hence a degree-2 cocycle in Deligne cohomology

fgH 2(X,Ω 0Ω 1). f \cup g \in H^2(X, \mathbb{Z} \to \Omega^0 \to \Omega^1) \,.

This kind of line bundle is often referred to as the Deligne line bundle, following (Deligne 91).

They were originally motivated and used in a geometric construction of the Beilinson regulator c 2,2c_{2,2}, see at Beilinson regulator – Geometic construction.

The universal version of this is the Deligne bundle on 𝔾 m×𝔾 m\mathbb{G}_m \times \mathbb{G}_m with ff and gg the projection onto the first and onto the second factor, respectively (e.g. Brylinski 00, p. 15).


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Review in the general context of Deligne cohomology is in

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Review in the context of holomorphic line 2-bundles and Chern-Simons line 3-bundles is in

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