nLab Chiral Algebras


This entry is about the book

on chiral algebras/factorization algebras in the language of D-schemes.



1. Axiomatic patterns

2. The Geometry of 𝒟\mathcal{D}-Schemes

2.1 𝒟\mathcal{D}-modules: recollection and basics

2.2 The compound tensor structure

2.3 𝒟 X\mathcal{D}_X-Schemes

2.3.1 𝒟 X\mathcal{D}_X-algebras

2.3.2 Jet schemes

2.3.20 The calculus of variations

2.4 The space of horizontal sections

2.5 Lie *Lie^\ast-algebras and algebroids

2.6 Coisson algebras

2.7 The Tate extension

2.8 Tate structures and characteristic classes


2.9 The Harish-Chandra setting and the setting of cc-stacks

3. Local theory: chiral basics

4. Global theory: chiral homology

Much complementary content by the same authors is also in the developing book on the geometric Langlands program

A goood accessible survey of or introduction into some of the developments in this book can be found around section 8.3

and section 3 of

  • Frédéric Paugam, Histories and observables in covariant field theory Journal of Geometry and Physics (2010) (arXiv)

with more details in

In the context of factorization algebra of observables:

category: reference

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