nLab Chris Kapulkin

Selected writings

On the categorical semantics of homotopy type theory in simplicial sets/ ionfty \ionfty -groupoids:

On the Joyal-type model structure for cubical quasi-categories on cubical sets with connections:

On the Hurewicz theorem for cubical homology:

On a calculus of fractions generalized from categories to quasi-categories (“(,1)(\infty,1)-calculus of fractions”, for localization of ( , 1 ) (\infty,1) -categories):


Classifying the closed symmetric monoidal-structures on the category of reflexive graphs:

On the model structure on compactly generated topological spaces and on Delta-generated topological spaces, and on a model category of locales which makes the reflection of sober topological spaces a Quillen adjunction to the sober-restriction of the classical model structure on topological spaces:

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