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The best way to contact me is by sending me an email at

my position

I have my PhD in math from the University of Pisa. Have been a postdoc in mathematics for three years (in Roma Tor Vergata and Sapienza). Since 2005 I am assistant professor at the Sapienza - Università di Roma

my research

I’m principally interested in categorical constructions arising from theoretical physics. See Hypothesis H.

Something like a personal research wiki with more information is beginning to develop at

exchange of thoughts

I enjoy exchanging thoughts on topics of interest for my research and always felt it would be a pity not to use the web for that purpose. To satisfy that need I use to work on

beta versions

Here is where I develop revisions of nLab entries which (from my point of view) deserve consistent revision. By this I do not mean these entries are wrong (in any sense you can give to this word); what I mean is that there are a few entries which have been edited severla times and have suffered an excess of stratification (add a line today, add another tomorrow…). So it could be not a bad idea to clean up thema a bit. As revision is complete I’ll post them on the nLab. Everything you find here is work in progress: please, edit it!

Currently revising:

Selected writings

On t-structures and reflective factorization systems:

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