E-infinity algebra



Given a symmetric monoidal (infinity,1)-category CC, an E E_\infty-algebra in CC is synonymous with a commutative monoid in CC. Most often CC is the (infinity,1)-category of chain complexes over a field or commutative ring, or the stable (infinity,1)-category of spectra (see also E-infinity ring).

In terms of operads, an E E_\infty-algebra is an algebra over an operad for an E-∞ operad.


In chain complexes

E E_\infty-algebras in chain complexes are equivalent to those in abelian simplicial groups.

For details on this statement see monoidal Dold-Kan correspondence and operadic Dold-Kan correspondence.

The singular cohomology H *(X,)H^*(X,\mathbb{Z}) of a topological space is a graded-commutative algebra over the integers, but the the singular cochain complex C *(X,)C^*(X,\mathbb{Z}) is not: instead, it is an E E_\infty-algebra. Remarkably, for simply connected spaces of finite type this E E_\infty-algebra knows everything about the weak homotopy type of XX. In fact a stronger statement holds:


Finite type nilpotent spaces XX and YY are weakly homotopy equivalent if and only if the E E_\infty-algebras C *(X,)C^*(X,\mathbb{Z}) and C *(Y,)C^*(Y,\mathbb{Z}) are quasi-isomorphic.

This was proved by Mandell in 2003.

In topological spaces

Theorem (May recognition theorem)

A connected space of the homotopy type of a CW-complex with a non-degenerate basepoint that has the homotopy type of a kk-fold loop space for all kk \in \mathbb{N} admits the structure of an E E_\infty-space.

In simplicial sets

This is in BergerMoerdijk I, BergerMoerdijk II.

In spectra

An E E_\infty-algebra in spectra is an E-∞ ring.

In \infty-stacks

See Ek-Algebras.

In (,n)(\infty,n)-categories

See symmetric monoidal (∞,n)-category.


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In the context of (infinity,1)-operads E E_\infty-algebras are discussed in

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