nLab George Wilson

On integrable hierarchies in terms of infinitedimensional Sato-Segal-Wilson Grassmannian

On Calogero-Moser integrable systems

  • George Wilson, Collisions of Calogero-Moser particles and an adelic Grassmannian, With an appendix by I. G. Macdonald. Invent. Math. 133:1 (1998) 1–41 MR99f:58107, doi
  • Yuri Berest, G. Wilson, Ideal classes of the Weyl algebra and noncommutative projective geometry (with an Appendix by M. Van den Bergh), Internat. Math. Res. Notices 26 (2002) 1347–1396
  • Yu. Berest, G. Wilson, Mad subalgebras of rings of differential operators on curves, Advances in Math. 212 no. 1 (2007) 163–190
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