nLab Hoàng Xuân Sính

Hoàng Xuân Sính is a Vietnamese mathematician who was a student of Grothendieck. Her thesis was on gr-categories (now more often called (weak) 2-groups) and Picard categories?.


(Historical note: The version linked to above is a handwritten draft copy, with some annotations by someone (perhaps Grothendieck). A typed version does exist which does not contain the preliminary material in the first file. The date of the official thesis defense was 22 May 1975, with Verdier, Cartan, L. Schwartz and Zisman as well as Grothendieck as the ‘jury’. It was a ‘doctorat d’état’. The link to her thesis contains other material like a collection of remarks by Grothendieck on her work as well as two articles by Sính related to the subject of her thesis)

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