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Selected writings

Jean Alexandre Dieudonné was a French mathematician, one of the most prominent members of the group Bourbaki. He helped Grothendieck in writing EGA and, together with Laurent Schwartz, advised Grothendieck in his early (pre-thesis) research in analysis. Apart from Bourbaki activities, Dieudonné was prolific in expository writing, having a rare “photographic” memory and high working habits (writing steadily at least 5 pages per day in the best period), immense erudition and strong attitude on all topics. Comparatively he was much less productive in original research - however most important is his development of the study of (Cartier-)Dieudonné modules arising in theory of formal groups. There is a theorem in general topology having his name. He is also a noted historian of mathematics, producing works on history of algebraic/differential topology, algebraic geometry, and functional analysis, also some entries in DSB (notably Poincare and Cartan).

Selected writings

Introducing the Dieudonné determinant:

On algebraic topology and differential topology:

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