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Selected writings

Jean-Louis Loday (1946-2012) was a French mathematician who, at the time of his passing, was Directeur de Recherche au CNRS based in Strasbourg. He is well known for his work in algebraic K-theory, in the development of cyclic homology and more recently for work on operads and Leibniz algebras.

Selected writings

On cyclic homology (cyclic objects, cyclic spaces, … ):

On homotopy types with finite homotopy groups:

  • Jean-Louis Loday, Spaces with finitely many nontrivial homotopy groups, J.Pure Appl. Alg., 24, (1982), 179–202.

On crossed simplicial groups:

On operads:

On the relation between free loop spaces/cyclic loop spaces and Hochschild homology/cyclic homology:


  • Jean-Louis Loday, Teimuraz Pirashvili, Universal enveloping algebras of Leibniz algebras and (co)homology, Math. Ann. 296, 139-158 (1993), pdf

  • Jean-Louis Loday, Teimuraz Pirashvili, The tensor category of linear maps, Georg. Math. J. vol. 5, n.3 (1998) 263–276.

  • D. Guin-Walery and J.-L. Loday, 1981, Obstructions à l’excision en K-théorie algèbrique, in Evanston Conference on Algebraic K-theory, 1980, volume 854 of Lecture Notes in Maths., 179 – 216, Springer.

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