nLab Jean-Yves Girard

Selected writings

On System F:

  • Jean-Yves Girard, Interprétation functionelle et élimination des coupures dans l’arithmétique d’ordre supérieure, Ph.D. thesis, Université Paris VII (1972) [pdf, pdf]

Introducing linear logic:

On formal logic and formal proof theory (typed λ \lambda -calculus, linear logic, coherence spaces, …)

On formal logic and its categorical semantics with an emphasis on linear logic and in fact on some kind of quantum logic (section 17), but emphatically not in the original sense of [Birkhoff & von Neumann (1936)(BirkhoffvonNeumann36):]

surveyed in:

See also:

  • Transcendental syntax 2.0, 2012 (pdf)
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