nLab Joachim Lambek

Joachim Lambek, (1922-2014), usually called Jim, was a mathematician, logician, theoretical linguist, …, based at McGill university.

Selected writings

Suggesting enrichment in multicategories:

  • Joachim Lambek, Deductive Systems and Categories II: Standard constructions and closed categories, In: Peter Hilton (eds.) Category Theory, Homology Theory and their Applications I, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 86 Springer 1969 (doi:10.1007/BFb0079385, pdf)

On the role of adjunctions and dualities in mathematics:

  • Joachim Lambek, The Influence of Heraclitus on Modern Mathematics, In Scientific Philosophy Today: Essays in Honor of Mario Bunge, edited by Joseph Agassi and Robert S Cohen, 111–21. Boston: D. Reidel Publishing Co. (1981)

On categorical logic and topos theory (and establishing the relation between simply-typed lambda calculus and cartesian closed categories):

On computability and formal language:

On injective hulls of partially ordered monoids:

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