nLab Karol Borsuk

Karol Borsuk was a Polish topologist, who was famous for numerous theorems of classical topology.

He was the initial developer of shape theory, and then was leader of a very influential group of researchers in that area.

Selected writings

Introducing the notion of absolute neighbourhood retracts:

On the nerve theorem:

  • Karol Borsuk, On the imbedding of systems of compacta in simplicial complexes , Fund. Math. 35, (1948) 217–234 (dml:213158)

More on absolute neighbourhood retracts:

  • Karol Borsuk, Concerning the classification of topological spaces from the stand point of the theory of retracts, Fundamenta Mathematicae 46 (3) (1959) 321-330 (dml:213516)

Introducing unstable Cohomotopy:

On shape theory:

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