nLab Krzysztof Gawedzki

Krzysztof Gawędzki is a mathematical physicist. Much of his works is related to conformal field theory, especially geometric aspects of WZNW models. More recently he studies turbulence. He has helped identidy the Kalb-Ramond field/B-field with a cocycle in ordinary differential cohomology (in Deligne cohomology/a bundle gerbe with connection).

Pronounciation note: the Polish ‘ę’ (cf. wikipedia) has a nazalization.

Selected writings

On 2d conformal field theory and introducing Deligne cohomology in degree 3 (bundle gerbes with connection) as global models for the background B-field, such as in the WZW model:

and with emphases on the WZW model and its relation to Chern-Simons theory via the CS-WZW correspondence:

On the basic bundle gerbe over a compact simple Lie group in relation to the WZW model:

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