nLab Matilde Marcolli

Selected writings

Matilde Marcolli is a mathematician of Italian origin, currently at Caltech, with a background in mathematical physics. She works on very diverse topics such as gauge theories, noncommutative geometry, arithmetic of quantum statistical mechanics, the combinatorics of renormalization, and motives.

She was a recipient of the Sonja Kovalevskaja prize and worked for several years at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn.

Selected writings

On relation of AdS3/CFT2 to hyperbolic geometry and Arakelov geometry of algebraic curves:

Speculation on quantum field theory over 𝔽 1\mathbb{F}_1 (via wonderful compactifications of configuration spaces of points):

On the p-adic AdS/CFT correspondence and tensor networks:

Discussion of BTZ black holes via tensor networks in the p-adic AdS/CFT correspondence:

On Hopf algebras in generative linguistics:

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