nLab Meng-Chwan Tan

Selected writings

On realization of geometric Langlands correspondence in M-theory:

  • Meng-Chwan Tan, M-Theoretic Derivations of 4d-2d Dualities: From a Geometric Langlands Duality for Surfaces, to the AGT Correspondence, to Integrable Systems (arXiv:1301.1977)

On D-brane-realizations of semi-holomorphic 4d Chern-Simons theory:

and specifically with relation to the quantum geometric Langlands correspondence:

On regularized quantization of Green-Schwarz sigma-models for super p-branes, specifically of the super 4-brane in 9d, in generalization of the matrix model of the M2-brane:

On Vafa-Witten theory:

  • Zhi-Cong Ong, Meng-Chwan Tan, Vafa-Witten Theory: Invariants, Floer Homologies, Higgs Bundles, a Geometric Langlands Correspondence, and Categorification [arXiv:2203.17115]
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