nLab Orbifolds in Mathematics and Physics


This page collects pointers and material related to the book collection

on orbifolds, in mathematics and mathematical physics, notably in string theory.


Orbifold Gromov-Witten Theory (p. 25)

On Gromov-Witten theory for orbifolds:

On orbifold elliptic genus (p. 87-105)

On orbifold elliptic genera:

Loop groupoids, gerbes, and twisted sectors on orbifold (p. 163-184)

On inertia orbifolds (loop spaces for orbifolds):

Orbifolds as Groupoids: an Introduction (p. 205)

On orbifolds modeled as Lie groupoids:

Discrete Torsion, Quotient Stacks, and String Orbifolds (p. 301)

On discrete torsion:

On K3, compactifications:


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