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What is known in the literature as discrete torsion (Vafa 86) are phenomena of equivariant ordinary differential cohomology, specifically of circle 2-bundles with connection (e.g. represented as bundle gerbes) modelling the B-field in string theory over orbifold spacetimes (Sharpe 99) and of circle 3-bundles with connection (e.g. represented as bundle 2-gerbes) modelling the supergravity C-field on orbifolds (Sharpe 00), as in M-theory on G2-manifolds with ADE-singularities.


For the B-field

Early discussion of classification in 2d CFTs includes

and more specifically for orbifolds in string theory in

The identification of discrete torsion in type II string theory as a choice of orbifold equivariance on a principal 2-bundle/bundle gerbe is due to

based on

In relation to twisted Chen-ruan orbifold cohomology:

See also

The case of heterotic string theory is discussed in

For the C-field

The higher version of discrete torsion for circle 3-bundles describing the supergravity C-field is discussed in

and applied to discussion of black M2-brane worldvolume field theory (BLG model/ABJM model, see at fractional M2-brane) in

See also at finite subgroup of SU(2) the section on group cohomology.

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