Philip Gibbs

Philip Gibbs is an independent thinker, working on physics and mathematics.

He is the founder of the viXra preprint archive. For more on this see:


Gibbs seems to have been the first to publically discuss the detection of the Higgs particle at a rest mass of 125 GeV, a little before the official announcement by the LHC collaborations:

  • Philip Gibbs, Seminar Watch (Higgs Special), Rumoured Higgs at 125 GeV and What Would a Higgs at 125 GeV Tell Us?, Prespacetime Journal, December 2011, Vol. 2 Issue 12 pp. 1899-1905 (web)

In this article Gibbs already highlights the near-criticality of the resulting Higgs vacuum, first published on his blog as

For more on this see at Higgs field the section Mass and vacuum stability.

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