nLab Rudolf Haag

Rudolf Haag was a mathematical physicist working in the context of AQFT.

Selected writings

On the foundations of algebraic quantum field theory, introducing the Haag-Kastler axioms:


  • Rudolf Haag, Discussion des “axiomes” et des propriétés asymptotiques d’une théorie des champs locales avec particules composées, Les Problèmes Mathématiques de la Théorie Quantique des Champs, Colloque Internationaux du CNRS LXXV (Lille 1957), CNRS Paris (1959), 151.

translated to English as:

Textbook account of AQFT:

Introducing the Haag–Łopuszański–Sohnius theorem:

On mathematical physics:

  • Some people and some problems met in half a century of commitment to mathematical physics, Personal recollection, The European Physical Journal H November 2010, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 263-307 (web)
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