Local Quantum Physics -- Fields, Particles, Algebras




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This entry is about the book

  • Rudolf Haag, Local quantum physics – Fields, particles, algebras Springer (1992) 2nd., rev. and enlarged ed. Springer (1996) (ZMATH entry)

which discusses basic aspects of quantum field theory from the axiomatic and precise point of view of AQFT (formalizing quantum field theories by their local nets of observables).

While axiomatic, the book does contain a fair bit of discussion of the relation to actual physics.

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Chapter I Background

Chapter II General quantum field theory

Chapter III Algebras of local observables and fields

Chapter IV Charges, global gauge groups and exchange symmetry

Chapter V Thermal states and modular automorphisms

Chapter VI Particles. Completeness of the particle picture

Chapter VII Principles and lessons of quantum field theory

Chapter VIII Retrospective and outlook

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