nLab Ulrich Bunke

Selected writings

On topological T-duality:

On twisted ad-equivariant K-theory via differentiable stacks:

On differential cohomology:

On differential K-theory:

On differential cohomology and the e-invariant:

  • Ulrich Bunke, Section 2 of: Differential cohomology in geometry and analysis, talk 2008 (pdf, pdf)

On differential cobordism cohomology, i.e. enhancement of MU (complex cobordism cohomology) to differential cohomology:

On the differential cohomology hexagon:

On secondary characteristic classes in string cobordism cohomology theory and in tmf:

Introducing differential algebraic K-theory with application to higher Beilinson regulators:

On (equivariant) KK-theory as the homotopy category of a stable ( , 1 ) (\infty,1) -category:

On (topological) inertia stacks:

On coarse topology:

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