nLab Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics 2nd ed


This page compiles pointers to material contained in the (upcoming)

  • Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics, 2nd edition

    Elsevier (expected Oct 2024)

    (cf. 1st ed. leaflet: pdf)

on mathematical physics.


(in no particular order, for the time being)

On the phase space of Einstein gravity on manifolds with boundary:

On celestial holography:

On principal \infty -bundles:

On the FRS theorem classifying rational 2d conformal field theory:

On BV quantization:

On shifted symplectic structures:

On KK-compactification in string theory:

On defect QFT:

On higher topos theory in physics:

On higher geometry in physics:

On 3d quantum gravity:

On string structures seen as a kind of spin structures after transgression to loop space (cf. stringor bundle):

On Donaldson-Witten theory:

On differential cohomology:

On twisted cohomology (with focus on twisted ordinary cohomology and twisted K-theory):

On higher gauge theory:

On quantum gravity via causal dynamical triangulation:


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