nLab Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin

Selected writings

Selected writings

Computing the third stable homotopy group of spheres:

  • Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin, On a mapping of the (n+3)(n+3)-dimensional sphere into the nn-dimensional sphere, (Russian) Doklady Akad. Nauk SSSR (N.S.) 80, (1951). 541–544

with a mistake (in the unstable range) corrected in

  • Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin, New results in the theory of four-dimensional manifolds, (Russian) Doklady Akad. Nauk SSSR (N.S.) 84, (1952). 221–224.

French translation in:

  • Lucien Guillou, Alexis Marin (eds.), A la Recherche de la Topologie Perdue: I. Du côté de chez Rohlin. II. Le côté de Casson, Progress in Mathematics 62, Birkhäuser Boston 1985 (ISBN:0817633294, 9780817633295)
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