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Selected writings

Selected writings

Relation of Niemeier lattices to heterotic string theory:

On the partition function of the superstring (heterotic string and type II string) as a modular form with values in the Chern character of the background field strengths (“character-valued partition function”, then also called the elliptic genus/Witten genus) and relation to Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation:

On the duality between F-theory and heterotic string theory:

On D-branes at an ADE-singularity and their open string worldsheet 2d CFTs (see also here):

On how this 𝔰𝔲(2)^ κ2\widehat{\mathfrak{su}(2)}^{\kappa-2}-CFT encodes the BPS states of SU ( κ ) SU(\kappa) -SYM on D3-branes transverse to the singularity:

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