ADE singularity



An ADE singularity is a orbifold fixed point locally of the form 2/Γ\mathbb{C}^2/\Gamma with ΓSU(2)\Gamma \hookrightarrow SU(2) a finite subgroup of the special unitary group given by the ADE classification (and SU(2)SU(2) is understood with its defining linear action on the complex vector space 2\mathbb{C}^2).

ADE 2Cycle

These singularities have crepant resolutions, obtained by repeatedly blowing up at singular points. The resulting exceptional fiber (the blow-up of the singular point, an ALE space) is a union of Riemann spheres that touch each other such as to form the shape of the corresponding Dynkin diagram.

(graphics grabbed from Wijnholt 14, part III)



Families of examples of G2 orbifolds with ADE singularities are constructed in

In the context of string compactifications

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