nLab applications of double category theory

A list of works and resources about applications of double category theory.

See there for introductory material.



Grothendieck constructions

  • Evan Patterson, Grothendieck construction for double categories, (Topos Institute), 2022
  • Cruttwell, Lambert, Pronk, Szyld, Double Fibrations, (arXiv), 2022


Lenses & optics

  • Bryce Clarke, The double category of lenses, (online), 2022
  • Capucci, Seeing double through dependent optics, (arXiv), 2022
  • Guillaume Boisseau, Chad Nester, Mario Roman, Cornering optics,(arXiv), 2022

Open systems theory

Theory of programming languagues

  • Pierre-Evariste Dagand, Conor McBride, A Categorical Treatment of Ornaments, (acm), 2013
  • Max New, Dan Licata, Call-by-name Gradual Type Theory, (arXiv), 2018
  • Max New, Dan Licata, A Formal Logic for Formal Category Theory, (arXiv), 2022
  • Clovis Eberhart, Tom Hirschowitz, Fibred Pseudo Double Categories for Game Semantics, TAC 34(19), 2019. Beware, “fibred” is use there to mean that the codomain functor is a fibration.

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