nLab David Jaz Myers

David Jaz Myers is postdoctoral researcher at CQTS @ NYU Abu Dhabi.

Selected writings

On a string diagram-calculus for (virtual) double categories with (virtual) pro-arrow equipments:

On dynamical systems and their categorical systems theory:

On logical topology in the context of cohesive toposes, modal type theory and cohesive homotopy type theory:

On modal type theory and cohesive homotopy type theory

Formalization of the shape/flat-fracture square (differential cohomology hexagon) in cohesive modal homotopy type theory homotopy type theory:

On twisted cohomology towards hypergeometric integral KZ-solutions in homotopy type theory:


On orbifolds in differential cohesive homotopy type theory:

On cohesive homotopy type theory with a pair of commuting cohesive structures (such as for differential orbifold cohomology):

with exposition in:

  • David Jaz Myers, Simplicial, Differential, and Equivariant Homotopy Type Theory, talk at CQTS (Jan 2023) [video: rec]

Exposition of homotopy type theory:

  • David Jaz Myers, How do you identify one thing with another? – an intro to Homotopy Type Theory, talk in Prof. Sadok Kallel‘s seminar at American University of Sharjah (10 Apr 2023) [slides: pdf]
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