basic Fraenkel model

The basic Fraenkel model


The basic Fraenkel model is a model of the set theory ZFA that doesn’t satisfy the axiom of choice. It was one of the first examples of a permutation model of set theory.

The second Fraenkel model is similar, but uses the countable group (/2) (\mathbb{Z}/2\mathbb{Z})^\mathbb{N}.


Fraenkel’s description used the language of material set theory, and indeed most set theorists would give the description of the Fraenkel model using this language, but it can be described quite simply from a structural perspective, and then the original version can be recovered by considering pure sets (allowing atoms).

The model is given by the topos of sets with an action of an open subgroup of the group Aut()Aut(\mathbb{N}) for a certain topology on this group. A basis for the open subgroups is given by the subgroups which fix a finite subset II \subset \mathbb{N}. Arrows in this topos are allowed to be equivariant for an open (possibly proper) subgroup of the groups acting on the domain and codomain.

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