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The Schanuel topos (also called the Myhill-Schanuel topos) is the Grothendieck topos of combinatorial functors. It plays an important role in computer science in the theory of name-binding calculi and in William Lawvere‘s approach to petit toposes. It can be viewed as a categorical variant of the Fraenkel-Mostowski model of set theory.


The Schanuel topos is the sheaf topos Sh(FinSet mono op,J)Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) where FinSet mono opFinSet^{op}_{mono} is the opposite of the category of finite sets and monomorphisms and the coverage is the collection of all sieves generated by singletons {f}.\{f\}\quad.


  • The objects of the Schanuel topos are called nominal sets and correspond precisely to the pullback preserving functors FinSet monoSetFinSet_{mono}\to Set.

  • The Schanuel topos Sh(FinSet mono op,J)Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) is atomic over SetSet (S. Schanuel, cf. (Wraith 1978), p.335) hence Boolean. This fact can be viewed as a reflex of the urelements in Fraenkel-Mostowski set theory.

  • Sh(FinSet mono op,J)Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) is the classifying topos Set[D ]Set[D_\infty] for the theory of infinite decidable objects D D_\infty i.e. for a Grothendieck topos \mathcal{E} geometric morphisms Sh(FinSet mono op,J)\mathcal{E}\to Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) correspond to infinite decidable objects in \mathcal{E}. Sh(FinSet mono op,J)Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) is equivalent to Sh ¬¬([FinSet mono,Set])Sh_{\neg\neg}([FinSet_mono,Set]).

  • Sh(FinSet mono op,J)Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) is the category of continuous actions for the group of bijections of NN equipped with the topology derived from the product topology for NN.\prod_{N}N\quad .

  • Sh(FinSet mono op,J)Sh(FinSet^{op}_{mono},J) is the Kleisli category of the monad on the topos of species Set FinSet isoSet^{FinSet_{iso}} induced by the inclusion of finite sets and bijections FinSet isoFinSet monoFinSet_{iso}\hookrightarrow FinSet_{mono} (cf. Fiore-Menni 2004).


For some information on the history of the Schanuel topos see section 10 of Menni (2009, pp.529f).


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