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In model theory, given a cardinal κ\kappa, a theory is κ\kappa-categorical (or categorical in cardinality κ\kappa), if it has precisely one isomorphism class of models of cardinality κ\kappa.


The Morley categoricity theorem says that a first-order theory TT with countably many symbols is κ\kappa-categorical for one uncountable cardinal κ\kappa iff TT is categorical in any uncountable cardinality.

The main interest is beyond first order. There is much work there, for non-elementary classes, centered around (various versions of) Shelah’s Categoricity Conjecture especially in the setting of abstract elementary classes. Also, very interesting program is initiated by Zilber in early 2000s.

Study of categoricity lead historically to the development of the stability theory in model theory, see also geometric stability theory.


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