definable groupoid



Let LL be a first order language and TT a theory over LL. One can consider the category el(L)\mathcal{M}_{el}(L) of structures over LL and elementary monomorphisms?. Define el(T)\mathcal{M}_{el}(T) as a full subcategory of el(L)\mathcal{M}_{el}(L), whose objects are models of TT.

Groupoids and categories

A definable groupoid over a theory TT is an internal groupoid in the category of definable sets and definable functions, i.e. the internal groupoid in the category of functors el(T)Set\mathcal{M}_{el}(T)\to Set. Similarly, for more general notion of a definable category over TT.


In particular, there is much studied case of definable groups, cf. e.g. (Peterzil-Pillay)



There is a bijective correspondence between internal imaginary sorts of TT and definable concrete groupoids with a single isomorphism class (both up to equivalence.)

This is (Hrushovski 2006, Th.3.2).


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