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In physics, an observable in the context of classical mechanics/classical field theory and in fact also in prequantum field theory is called a classical observable.

In symplectic geometry/geometric prequantum theory?, classical observables are functions on phase space, often called Hamiltonian functions. They form the Poisson algebra of classical/prequantum observables, wih the Poisson bracket Lie algebra structure.

In higher prequantum field theory these observables are refined to Hamiltonian forms/local currents and form the Poisson-bracket Lie n-algebra of local observables.

classical mechanicssemiclassical approximationformal deformation quantizationquantum mechanics
order of Planck's constant \hbar𝒪( 0)\mathcal{O}(\hbar^0)𝒪( 1)\mathcal{O}(\hbar^1)𝒪( n)\mathcal{O}(\hbar^n)𝒪( )\mathcal{O}(\hbar^\infty)
statesclassical statesemiclassical statequantum state
observablesclassical observablequantum observable

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