nLab correspondence between measure and valuation theory




Valuations and measures have very similar constructions and applications, with τ \tau -additive measures somewhat in between.

Here we review which concepts correspond to each other. Note that on many topological spaces of interest, such as metric spaces, most of the constructions below coincide.


Concept↓\Theory→ Measures (traditional) τ-additive measures Valuations
Spaces Measurable spaces Topological spaces Locales
Maps Measurable maps Continuous maps Continuous maps (of locales)
Events Measurable sets Open sets Open sets (elements of the frame)
Values Non-negative reals Non-negative reals, with the lower semicontinuous topology Non-negative lower reals
Functionals Measures τ-additive Borel measures Continuous valuations
Finitary linearity Additivity Additivity Modularity
Infinitary linearity σ \sigma -additivity τ \tau -additivity (Scott) continuity
Integrands Measurable real-valued functions Lower semicontinuous real functions Continuous functions into the lower reals
Approximation of integrands Pointwise-increasing sequences (of measurable real functions) Pointwise-increasing nets (of lower semicontinuous real functions) Pointwise-increasing nets (of continuous functions into the lower reals)
Integral Lebesgue integral Lebesgue integral Lower integral
Monad* Giry monad measure monad on Top valuation monad on locales?

** See also monads of probability, measures, and valuations.


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