nLab motivic slice tower


In motivic homotopy theory, the slice filtration is a filtration of H(S)\mathrm{H}(S) and of SH(S)SH(S) which is analogous to the Postnikov filtration for (∞,1)-topoi. It generalizes the coniveau filtration in algebraic K-theory, the fundamental filtration on Witt groups?, and the weight filtration on mixed Tate motives.

If SS is smooth over a field, the layers of the slice filtration of a motivic spectrum (called its slices) are modules over the motivic Eilenberg–Mac Lane spectrum H()H(\mathbb{Z}). At least if SS is a field of characteristic zero, this is the same thing as an integral motive. The spectral sequences associated to the slice filtration are analogous to the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequences in that their first page consists of motivic cohomology groups.


In the unstable motivic homotopy category?:

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