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Владимир Воеводский (who published in English as Vladimir Voevodsky) was a Russian mathematician working in the Institute for Advanced Study.

Voevodsky received a Fields medal in 2002 for a proof of the Milnor conjecture. The proof crucially uses A1-homotopy theory and motivic cohomology developed by Voevodsky for this purpose. In further development of this in 2009 Voevodsky announced a proof of the Bloch-Kato conjecture.

After this work in algebraic geometry, cohomology and homotopy theory Voevodsky turned to the foundations of mathematics and worked on homotopy type theory which he described as a new “univalent foundations” for modern mathematics with its emphasis on homotopy theory and higher category theory.

Selected writings

Introducing the modern notion of equivalence in type theory (namely via contractible fibers) and thereby fixing the univalence axiom of Hofmann & Streicher (1998), §5.4 (due to the subtlety with quasi-inverses):

Proposal for a “Homotopy Type System” (cf. semisimplicial type):

Selected Talks

Selected Interviews

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