nLab perfect tensor




In the context of tensor network states and holographic entanglement entropy, a rank nn tensor TV nT \in V^{ \otimes_n } for VV a self-dual object (hence equipped with a non-degenerate inner product VV1V\otimes V \to \mathbf{1}) is called perfect if all of its tensor/hom-adjuncts

V kV nk V^{\otimes_{k}} \longrightarrow V^{\otimes_{n-k}}

for kn/2k \leq n/2 are isometries.


Holographic entanglement entropy

In the HaPPY code tensor network the fact that all vertices carry a perfect tensor leads to the Ryu-Takayanagi formula for the corresponding entanglement entropies (see at holographic entanglement entropy for more).


  • Fernando Pastawski, Beni Yoshida, Daniel Harlow, John Preskill, Section 2 of: Holographic quantum error-correcting codes: Toy models for the bulk/boundary correspondence, JHEP 06 (2015) 149 (arXiv:1503.06237)

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