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Proper subsets

Proper subsets


A subset AA of a set SS is proper if it is not the improper subset of SS (SS as a subset of itself). We may also say (in the context of concrete sets) that SS is a proper superset of AA or that SS properly contains? AA.


We may state that AA is proper in any of these equivalent ways:

  1. AA is not equal (as a subset) to SS;
  2. There exists an element xx of SS such that xAx \notin A;
  3. Given any way of expressing AA as the intersection of a family of subsets of SS, this family is inhabited.

Actually, these three definitions are equivalent only if we accept the principle of excluded middle; in constructive mathematics, we usually prefer (3). (For example, consider the notion of proper filter on a set XX, thought of as a subset of the power set of XX.) However, (3) is not predicative; see positive element for discussion of this in the dual context. Also, (2) may be strengthened using an inequality relation other than the denial inequality.

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