A pseudomonoid in a monoidal 2-category is a categorification of the notion of a monoid object in a monoidal category.


A pseudomonoid in the cartesian monoidal 2-category Cat is precisely a monoidal category. The general definition can be extracted from this special case in a straightforward way. The precise definition can be found in Section 3 of the paper of Day and Street referenced below.

Just as a monoid in a monoidal category CC can be equivalently defined as a monad in the corresponding one-object 2-category BC\mathbf{B}C (the delooping of CC), so a pseudomonoid in a monoidal 2-category CC can equivalently be defined as a pseudomonad in the corresponding one-object 3-category BC\mathbf{B}C.


Ross Street and Brian Day, Monoidal Bicategories and Hopf Algebroids.

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