nLab quantum lambda-calculus




A quantum computation-analog of the classical lambda calculus, using linear types.



[Selinger (2016):] When the QPL workshop series was first founded, it was called “Quantum Programming Languages”. One year I wasn’t participating, and while I wasn’t looking they changed the name to “Quantum Physics and Logic” — same acronym!

Back in those days in the early 21st century we were actually trying to do programming languages for quantum computing [Selinger & Valiron 2004], but the sad thing is: In those days nobody really cared. […]

Now it’s 15 years later and several of these parameters have changed: There has been a renewed interest, from government agencies and also from companies who are actually building quantum computers. […]

So now people are working on quantum programming languages again.

See also:

Implementation as an embedded programming language in Haskell:

  • Richard Eisenberg, Benoît Valiron, Steve Zdancewic, Typechecking Linear Data: Quantum Computation in Haskell [pdf]

A categorical semantics on von Neumann algebras:

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