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Quasi-symmetric functions


Quasi symmetric functions are a generalisation of symmetric functions and are closely related to noncommutative symmetric functions.



Let XX be a totally ordered set of indeterminants. Let RR be a ring. A polynomial in R[X]R[X] or a power series in R[[X]]R[ [X] ] is said to be quasi-symmetric if whenever X 1<X 2<<X nX_1 \lt X_2 \lt \dots \lt X_n and Y 1<Y 2<<Y nY_1 \lt Y_2 \lt \dots \lt Y_n are finite sets of indeterminants then the coefficients of X 1 i 1X 2 i 2X n i nX_1^{i_1} X_2^{i_2} \cdots X_n^{i_n} and Y 1 i 1Y 2 i 2Y n i nY_1^{i_1} Y_2^{i_2} \cdots Y_n^{i_n} are the same.


The ring QSymm ^\QSymm^{\hat{}} is defined as the ring of quasi-symmetric power series over \mathbb{Z} in countably many variables. Its subring QSymm\QSymm is defined as the ring of quasi-symmetric polynomials (meaning, power series of bounded degree).


(Copied from noncommutative symmetric function as the two concepts are often studied together.)

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